Historical Dictionary of Greece

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Juli 1996



Includes information biographies, socioeconomic conditions, institutions, tourism, historic sites, statistics, and the arts. With historical and administrative maps.


Thanos Veremis (D.Phil., Trinity College) is currently Professor of Political History at Athens University. He is also Director of the Hellenic Foundation for Defense and Foreign Policy. He has been a Research Associate at the IISS in London, a visiting scholar at Harvard, a visiting professor at Princeton, and a visiting fellow at St. Anthony's College, Oxford. Mark Dragoumis, a Greek writer and government official, is the author of numerous articles of political, economic, and academic interest and has on many occasions represented Greece at international forums and conferences and spoke on foreign policy issues.


Let us welcome it. Written by two scholars aware of the political and historical facts, this publication fills a significant void. Athens News Weekend This book would be a valuable addition to the reference collection of any library with an interest in modern Greece. Reference Reviews Recommended for all libraries. CHOICE ...the work makes excellent reading and is carefully worded...enjoyable, balanced and informative. South European Society and Politics ...a useful work...simple, clear and readily indispensable aid to those seeking to enrich their general knowledge... The Greek Gazette
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