The Impact of High Performance Work Systems in Irish Companies

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Juli 2010



The study in this monograph examined the impact of High Performance Work Systems (HPWS) on company and employee-level performance outcomes. At the company level, the study examined the outcomes of HPWS usage on innovation, productivity and turnover. The study further examined the relationship between utilisation of HPWS at company level and employee level performance outcomes such as employee innovative work behaviour, organisational citizenship behaviour and and tenure intentions. This book is useful for researchers and practitioners who are interested in linking the utilisation of HPWS and organisational and employee performance outcomes.


Dr. Thadeus F. Mkamwa is the Head of Department of Sociology at Saint Augustine University of Tanzania. He earned his PhD from Dublin City University Business School. He lecturers Research Methods, Organisational Behaviour and Theory Building Processes in the Social Sciences.
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