The Role of ICT in the Teaching-Learning Process

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Oktober 2010



Recent years have brought many changes and challenges to the theory and practices of educational technology. New understanding of the process of human learning and of the nature of knowledge itself has challenged educators rethink basic concepts of educational technology. Different countries have a success and failure history in their implementation of ICT in their education system. We can learn an important lesson from the practical experience of those countries. However, very little academic literature exists in this regard. This book, therefore, examine the extrinsic and intrinsic problems of Ethiopian Satellite TV instruction and to suggest intervention ideas that help students to construct meaningful learning and experience based on their learning difficulties. The research participants were purposely selected based on their roles, responsibilities, willingness, and other related qualities. The data were presented in narrative and vignette forms based on the participants' viewpoints and my own understanding of them, should especially useful to policy makers, educators, researchers, or anyone else who may be intersecting education and technology.


Tewodros Gizachew Ademe,M.A:Studied Curriculum and Instruction atAddis Ababa University and B.Ed in Physics from Bahir Dar University.Currently working as a Lecturer in the Ethiopian Civil Service College.
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