The Theory of English Lexicography 1530 1791

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This book serves as a welcome addition to the better known English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson, 1604-1755, by Starnes & Noyes (new edition published by Benjamins 1991). Whereas Starnes & Noyes describe the history of English lexicography as an evolutionary progress-by-accumulation process, Professor Hayashi focuses on issues of method and theory, starting with John Palsgrave's Lesclarissement de la langue francoyse (1530), to John Walker's A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary and Expositor of the English Language (1791). This book also includes a detailed discussion of Dr. Johnson's influential Dictionary of the English Language (1755).


1. Foreword, pv; 2. Table of Contents, pix; 3. Preface, pxi; 4. 1.0 Theoretical Foundations of Renaissance Bilingual Lexicography, p1; 5. 2.0 The Beginnings of the Theory of English Lexicography in the Jacobean Period, p31; 6. 3.0 The Growth of Etymological and Encyclopaedic Principles in the Neoclassical Age, p49; 7. 4.0 The Establishment of the Theory of Compiling General Standard Dictionaries in the Early Eighteenth Century, p79; 8. 5.0 English Lexicography on Orthoepic Principles in the Late Eighteenth Century, p107; 9. 6.0 Conclusion, p133; 10. Notes, p141; 11. Bibliography, p145; 12. A. Primary Sources, p145; 13. B. Secondary Literature, p158; 14. Index of Names, p161; 15. Index of Subjects, p165
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