An Evaluation of the Primary School Art Curriculum in Zimbabwe

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Dezember 2011



This book is about an evaluation of the primary school art curriculum in Zimbabwe and it is concerned with problems relating to human and material resources affecting the operational efficiency of the art curriculum. To achieve this goal, the book traces the psychological and philosophical orientation of the art curriculum in pre and post independent Zimbabwe.The book is a culmnination of ideas gathered through interviews and document analysis. In order to increase the operational efficiency of the art curriculum, the book recommends improvements ranging from the need for staff development programmes and workshops to greater need for active partcipation of primary school administrators and teachers in the evaluation and development of curriculum materials. The book also encourages involvement of support agencies in curriculumdevelopment issues and the professional growth of art educators.The author hopes that ideas contained in this book will be useful to curricularists and practioners in their endevour to achieve best practice.


The author T.P.Mutsambi is an Art Design Education lecturer in the Department of Teacher Development at Great Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe. He has taught in primary schools and teacher training colleges for four and twenty-five years respectively. His research interests are in education in general and art education in particular.
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