The Post- Colonial Society in Pakistan

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Januar 2015



This work is an attempt to focus on the study of the Post-Colonial Society.It contextualizes issues like identity, nationalism, democratic tolerance, plurality, respect for public virtue, as well as constitutionally guaranteed rights under the Post-Colonial order from both the European and Non-European narratives. The emphasis on the debate on the Post-Colonial Society especially in the Pakistani context serves not only the ground from which a fair and just discourse on civil society be built but also opens a room for a better understanding of politics of the governed combined with a call and a need for religious tolerance along with the recognition of minorities and multiple ethnic identities in Pakistan. The normative and empirical discourses are highlighted within the milieu of the contemporary political culture which attempts to challenge the top-down modelling by the bottom-up theoretical understanding on the Post-Colonial Society in Pakistan.


Dr.Tehseen Nisar studied at LUISS Guido Carli University, Rome, Italy where she finished her Doctoral Studies in Political Theory.She served as a Senior Research Fellow at the European Studies Centre, University Of Karachi and adjunct faculty at The Greenwich University,Karachi, Pakistan.In 2008,she was also awarded the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship.
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