Winning Unlimited New Customers

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Ted Nicholas, sometimes referred to as the "Five Billion Dollar Man," has been a master of marketing for more than 20 years. "Winning Unlimited NEW Customers" shares the secrets of growing a business in 2008. Internationally revered as one of the greatest living copywriters, Ted has successfully "cracked the code" on business marketing and shares his winning strategies in this book. If you don't already know Ted's name, you should. Widely recognized as one of the greatest direct marketing wizards of all time, he is best known for having earned 24.5 million dollars on the sale of a single book which was primarily sold through direct mail. In his current incarnation as the visionary president of Nicholas Direct, this million-dollar marketer distributes his growing library of information products, all aimed at small business marketing success. Ted is the author of 14 bestsellers, including Magic Words That Bring You Riches, Billion Dollar Marketing Secrets, How I Sold 200 Million Dollars Worth of Products and Services, and How To Turn Words Into Money. "Winning Unlimited NEW Customers," Ted's latest book, is jam-packed with ideas to help you outsmart, out-market, and out-perform your competition. Ted analyzes mistakes he believes 98% of all business owners are making, so you can understand and avoid the same pitfalls. In short, "Winning Unlimited NEW Customers" contains practical explanations of what and how you need to build your business through more profitable sales. This isn't your granddad's marketing manual! You'll find chapters on Proven Ways to Grow Your Business, Branding Your Business, Achieving An Unlimited Stream of Income, Secrets to Irresistable Salesmanship in Print, "Sticky" Customer Catchers, How to Write copy Like the Masters, the Most Effective Low-Cost and No-Cost Strategies in the World, Social Marketing, and more. Throughout the book, Ted's insightful, practical strategies are woven together with his winning copy to create an unbeatable combination. And don't miss the "Nicholas Nuggets" that are peppered throughout these pages. The hard-hitting comments are Ted at his incisive best. "Winning Unlimited NEW Customers" doesn't contain information about what to do once a customer steps inside your front door, whether it's a brick-and-mortar store or an online sales destination. This manual is dedicated to teaching you how to persuade prospects to visit you online or off so you can present your offer. When you do this right, your customers come to your business and give you their money without a lot of selling. That is the very essence of marketing. You don't need a bunch of theory ... what you DO need is marketing tools that work, and that's what you'll find in this book.

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