Philosophers of Our Times

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Eighteen of the world's most eminent philosophers of recent years tackle central questions of philosophy. They discuss mind, morality, freedom, identity, religion, politics, and philosophy itself. This anthology of lectures from the Royal Institute of Philosophy offers a fascinating sampler of philosophy at its best.


Ted Honderich: Introduction;
Thomas Nagel: Conceiving the Impossible and the Mind-Body Problem;
P. F. Strawson: Perception and its Objects;
Tyler Burge: Perception: Where Mind Begins?;
Jerry Fodor: The Revenge of the Given: Mental Representation Without Conceptualization;
Ned Block: Attention and Mental Paint;
John McDowell: Some Remarks on Intention in Action;
Christine M. Korsgaard: On Having a Good;
T. M. Scanlon: Reasons Fundamentalism;
Simon Blackburn: The Majesty of Reason;
Mary Warnock: What Is Natural? And should we care?;
John R. Searle: Free Will as a Problem in Neurobiology;
Derek Parfit: We Are Not Human Beings;
Anthony Kenny: Knowledge, Belief, and Faith;
Noam Chomsky: Simple Truths, Hard Problems: Some thoughts on terror, justice, and self-defence;
Alasdair MacIntyre: Social Structures and their Threats to Moral Agency;
Jurgen Habermas: Religious Tolerance--The Pacemaker for Cultural Rights;
Bernard Williams: Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline;
David J. Chalmers: Why Isn't There More Progress in Philosophy?


Honderich, Ted
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