Impact assessment on solid health-care waste management in Addis Ababa

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Januar 2011



Currently preventive methods rather than curative means are best approach for community health. Having good solid health-care waste management in every health-care center is inevitable. This book focuses on five systematically selected sample hospitals. The main objective is to assess solid health-care waste management trend, and recommend proper treatment as well as disposal mechanisms. In selected sample hospitals, solid waste was collected for one week from randomly selected beds. From the data collected the mean waste generation rate for the whole city,private and governmental hospitals was estimated using different statistical methods. On top of this, proper on site sorting was done for proximate analysis to seven waste categories. Based on this analysis the maximum infected hospital waste in the city was estimated. Additionally, an attempt is done to address the overall solid waste management trend through the routes to disposal. Possible Environmental, health and social impacts are identified for every waste management route. Finally, based on the results and findings of the study, proper solid waste management, treatment and disposal recommendations are forwarded.


Tatek Temesgen,(M.Sc): Studied Chemical Engineering specialized in Environmental Engineering at Addis Ababa University and Bahirdar University. Currently working as Lecturer and Department Head in Adama University Department of Chemical Engineering. Former experience as production and Technique Manager.
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