Biogas Energy

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November 2011



In recent years, the importance of biogas energy has risen manifold and has become universal. This is due to the realization that biogas capture and utilization has great potential in controlling global warming. By capturing biogas wherever it is formed, we not only tap a source of clean energy, but we also prevent the escape of methane to the atmosphere. Given that methane has 25 times greater global warming potential than CO2, methane capture through biogas energy in this manner can contribute substantially towards global warming control.


Biogas and biogas energy: An introduction.
A brief history of anaerobic Digestion and 'Biogas'.
Biogas and global warming.
Low-rate and high-rate anaerobic reactors/digesters/fermenters.
Biogas capture from animal manure.
Biogas capture from wastewaters: The high-rate anaerobic digesters.
Biogas capture from solid waste.
Capture of biogas from landfills.


Dr. S. M. Tauseef has taken his BS (University of Shiraz) and MS (Sharif University of Technology) in Chemical Engineering, followed by PhD (Pondicherry University) in Environmental Technology. He has authored 3 books, 15 research papers and 2 book chapters. He has travelled widely and has had several stints with the industry.
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