Radiation, Ionization, and Detection in Nuclear Medicine

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Februar 2015



¿ This book will serve as the definitive source of detailed information on radiation, ionization, and detection in nuclear medicine. It opens by considering fundamental aspects of nuclear radiation, including dose and energy, sources, and shielding. Subsequent chapters cover the full range of relevant topics, including the detection and measurement of radiation exposure (with detailed information on mathematical modelling); medical imaging; the different types of radiation detector and their working principles; basic principles of and experimental techniques for deposition of scintillating materials; device fabrication; the optical and electrical behaviors of radiation detectors; and the instrumentation used in nuclear medicine and its application. The book will be an invaluable source of information for academia, industry, practitioners, and researchers.


1 Nuclear Radiation, Ionization and Radioactivity.- 2 Radiation Exposure, Its Detection and Measurements.- 3 Mathematical Modeling of Radiation.- 4 Medical Imaging.- 5 Basic Principles of Radiation Detectors.- 6 Theoretical Approach of Crystal and Film Growths of Scintillating Materials.- 7 Device Fabrication  (Scintillators/ Radiation Detectors).- 8 Characterization of Radiation Detectors Used in Nuclear Medicine.- 9 Instrumentation and Its Applications in Nuclear Medicine.
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