The Will to Improve: Governmentality, Development, and the Practice of Politics

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Mai 2007



Theoretical and anthropological study of how techniques of governance have been devised in the colonial and postcolonial context of Indonesia and their effect on current debates over economic development in the region.


Tania Murray Li is Professor of Anthropology and Senior Canada Research Chair in Political Economy and Culture in Asia-Pacific at the University of Toronto. She is the author of "Malays in Singapore: Culture, Economy, and Ideology" and the editor of "Transforming the Indonesian Uplands: Marginality, Power, and Production."


"Tania Murray Li brilliantly combines the analytic rubrics of Foucault, Marx, and Gramsci to explain 'the will to improve' as an essential though poorly understood component of rule in Indonesia. This is not your grandmother's ethnography: the well-written chapters are packed with the conflicts, contestations, and uncertainties that characterize power relations. Deeply engaged with the processes and practices that shape peoples' lives, Li's book should be required reading for scholars interested in how power works and for development practitioners everywhere."--Nancy Lee Peluso, author of Rich Forests, Poor People: Resource Control and Resistance in Java "Magisterially linking the contradictions of peripheral capitalism with the limits of governmentality, Tania Murray Li offers a view of developmental rule that draws productively on Gramsci and Foucault. She provides perhaps the most brilliant account to date of neoliberal development in action. A tour de force."--Michael Watts, Director, Center for African Studies, and Class of 1963 Professor of Geography, University of California, Berkeley "The Will to Improve is an exceptionally valuable and well-conceived book. It speaks to some of the most significant theoretical discussions of recent years, effectively linking studies of 'governmentality,' debates about neoliberalism, and the increasingly rich literature on the social history of colonialism."--James Ferguson, author of Global Shadows: Africa in the Neoliberal World Order
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