Implications of Climate Change for Air Transport Sector

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With demand for air travel continuing to rise, its
climate impacts are expected to increase dramatically
and will be of continuing concern to decision makers.
There is also a need to better understand the ways a
changing climate may impact on air transport, both
operationally and economically. This will influence
safety, efficiency and future environmental impacts
and is important in the development of mitigation
policies. This book investigates a new angle, the
implications of climate change for the UK aviation
sector, with an aim to understand the impacts of
changes in weather-related delays and severe weather
events, using a case study of London's Heathrow
airport. Additionally, this work explores how sector
response to extreme weather events and changing
climate conditions could influence the climate impact
of air transport.


Tamara Pejovic, PhD, MSc, BSc: Studied Air Transport at Imperial
College London. Tamara is highly experiences in the
environmental impact assessment research and modelling and has
operational experience gained through work in an airline and at
the airport. Tamara is currently working as a technical
consultant in an UK-based aviation consultancy.
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