Theorizing Language: Analysis, Normativity, Rhetoric, History

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November 1997



Places the reflexive character of language at the centre both of its empirical study and of its theoretical explanation. This book discusses the consequences of neglecting the reflexive character for the technical concepts and methods which are used in analysing different types of communicational phenomena.


Introduction - enculturating language. Part 1 Analytical criteria: scriptism and the analysis of ideal speech; a Wittgensteinian perspective in linguistics; do you understand? - criteria of understanding in verbal interaction; communication and literary style - the principle of intersubjectivity. Part 2 Normativity: reflexivity, politics and explanation in conversation analysis; which is to be master? - normativity and linguistic form. Part 3 Rhetoric and history: why we need a theory of language; communicational scepticism and the discourse of order; Bruner and Condillac on learning how to talk; the anthropomorphic and the sceptical; the origin of language - why it never happened;
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