Fourier Analysis

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November 1989



Every mathematician should have this book. It covers the ideas, techniques and results to be obtained from Fourier Analysis. Also covers applications in number theory, statistics, earth science, astronomy and electrical engineering.


Preface; 1. Fourier series; 2. Some differential equations; 3. Orthogonal series; 4. Fourier transforms; 5. Further developments; 6. Other directions; Appendices; Index.


'This is an extraordinary and very attractive book ... I would like to see the book on the desk of every pure mathematician with an interest in classical analysis, and of every teacher of applied mathematics whose work involves analysis ... This is how mathematics ideally should be presented, but too seldom is.' SIAM Review 'This is a wonderful book ... More than anything, this is just fun to read, to browse, to study. ... Fourier Analysis is literate, lively and a true classic. I highly recommend it.' MAA Reviews
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