Advances in Disease Vector Research

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September 2011



Entomology, plant pathology and virology are a few of the disciplines covered by this well-reviewed series. It also covers the spectrum of vectors from mosquitos and leafhoppers to nematodes, and pathogens from viruses to mycoplasmas to protozoa. Articles deal with the emerging science of vector ecology, and consider both biotic and abiotic environmental influences on disease transmission. As a form to present current thinking in this field, the series is an important resource for researchers and students involved in understanding and overcoming the many vector-borne diseases of plants, animals, and humans.


1 Determinants in the Specificity of Virus Transmission by Leaf-feeding Beetles.- 2 The Role of Arthropod Vectors in Arbovirus Evolution.- 3 Towards Integrated Control of Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Diseases in Ricelands.- 4 Detection of Malarial Parasites in Mosquitoes.- 5 Alphavirus Infection in Cultured Tissue Cells.- 6 Advances in Triatomine Bug Ecology in Relation to Chagas' Disease.- 7 Tick Paralyses: Pathogenesis and Etiology.


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