Designing Embedded Communications Software

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This book presents a thoroughly practical explanation of how system-level design and implementation choices affect the performance and maintainability of embedded communications software.


1. Introduction
A. Quick review of the OSI model for communications
B. Types of communications equipment
C. Brief mention of software components 2. Software Considerations in Communications Systems
A. Host-based communications software
B. Embedded communications software
C. Hardware versus software partitioning 3. Layering and Software Partitioning
A. Layering issues - why it is difficult to maintain strict layering
B. Software partitioning 4. Protocol Software
A. Protocols and the OSI stack
B. Implementation via state tables
C. Protocol interfaces
D. Management issues (prelude to discussion in Management chapter) 5. Tables in Communications Software
A. Need for tables in communications software
B. Types of tables - interfaces, configuration, state, status, statistics
C. Design of tables 6. Buffer and Timer Management
A. Where are buffers used?
B. Buffer management
C. What is the need for timers?
D. Timer management 7. Management Software
A. Types of Management - SNMP, CLI, Web-based management, TL1, CORBA
B. Access of management information from tables
C. System and start-up configuration issues
D. Configuration save and restore issues 8. Multi-board Communications Software Design
A. Multi-board issues
B. Software design considerations for multi-board design 9. Going About the Development
A. Steps in the design and development
B. Tools of the trade


T. Sridhar is CTO and vice president of engineering at Future Communications Software, where his work includes software architecture design for communications systems. He has taught classes on communications software at the Embedded Systems Conferences and contributed articles to COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM DESIGN and EMBEDDED SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING magazines.
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