HACCP in Meat, Poultry and Fish Processing

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Since its development by The Pillsbury Company as part of the US space program, the HACCP (hazard analysis critical control point) system has become the most important technique for the identification and prevention of foodborne biological, chemical and physical hazards in food processing. This book presents the latest information on the HACCP concept and gives practical examples of its implementation at all stages of food production and processing from the farm to the consumer. In addition, guidelines are given for the management of the HACCP system within the food industry and how it can be incorporated into a total quality management program. The role of predictive microbiology in HACCP is examined and the relationship of HACCP principles to existing and future international agreements and regulations is explained. This book is essential reading for quality control personnel, production and processing managers in the food industry, and for government regulatory officials. It will also be of great interest to academic researchers studying the microbiology and quality of meat, poultry and fish products.


The Origin And Concept Of Haccp. The HACCP System and How it
Fits into FSIS Programs.
Implementation of HACCP Program on Farms and
Ranches. Implementation of the HACCP Program by Meat and Poultry
Slaughterers. The Use of HACCP for Producing and Distributing
Processed Meat and Poultry Products. Implementation of the HACCP
Program by the Fresh and Processed Seafood Industry. Risk Analysis,
HACCP and Microbial Criteria in Meat and Poultry Systems.
Relationship of the HACCP System to Total Quality Management. HACCP
for Delicatessens and Meat, Poultry and Seafood Retailers. HACCP-TQM
for Retail and Food Service Operations. The HACCP Program and the
Organization and Management of HACCP Programs. Predictive
Microbiology and HACCP. National and International Cooperation in
Governmental Regulations for Meat, Poultry and Fish Inspection. Index

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