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September 2004



Praise for Quick:
"T.M. McNally's stories are compact, complex, artful and truthful miracles of humanity and language-strong coffee for these narcoleptic times."
-Pam Houston, author of "Waltzing the Cat"
"Like good blues, these stories don't strain but seem to erupt from the heart, organic as blood."
-Ann Cummins, author of "Red Ant House"
"Quick is as bold as it is breakneck, part battle and part sermon, fiction meant for high ground and high heaven."
-Lee K. Abbott, author of "Wet Places at Noon" From the author of "Until Your Heart Stops" and "Almost Home," "Quick" is T. M. McNally's collection of powerful and starkly honest stories of American life.
The stories in "Quick" are complex, sometimes harsh, yet always unafraid of the dark truths many of the characters are forced to confront. Dense and layered, these miniature and compact sagas endow their often damaged characters with uncommon brilliance. Themes of love, loss, addiction, and courage roam freely throughout, and the author sets an unforgettable and palpable tone that is exceedingly spare yet faceted with views of the richness beneath the surface of everyday life.


T. M. McNally is the winner of the 2004 Michigan Literary Fiction Award for short fiction. He is the author of a collection of stories, "Low Flying Aircraft," which received the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, and the novels "Until Your Heart Stops" and "Almost Home." Recipient of a Smart Family Foundation Award from the Yale Review, he also has received fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Howard Foundation at Brown University. He teaches at Arizona State University and lives in Scottsdale with Sally Ball and their three children.
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