Early Christian Ireland

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A fully documented history of Ireland and the Irish from the fifth to the ninth centuries.


List of maps; List of tables; List of figures; Acknowledgements; Abbreviations; A note on pronunciation; A note on the Chronicle of Ireland; Introduction; 1. Ireland in the seventh century: a tour; 2. Irish society c.700: I. Communities; 3. Irish society c.700: II. Social distinctions and moral values; 4. Ireland and Rome; 5. Conversion to Christianity; 6. The organisation of the early Irish church; 7. Columba, Iona and Lindisfarne; 8. Columbanus and his disciples; 9. The Paschal controversy; 10. The primatial claims of Armagh, Kildare and Canterbury; 11. The origins and rise of Ui Neill; 12. The kingship of Tara; 13. The powers of kings; 14. Conclusion; Appendix: genealogies and king-lists; Glossary: Irish and Latin; Bibliography; Index.


Thomas Charles-Edwards is Professor of Celtic in the University of Oxford. His previous books include Bechbretha (1983, with Fergus Kelly), The Welsh Laws (1989) and Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (1993).


'Early Christian Ireland is a considerable achievement; it should be essential reading for students and scholars for many years to come.' The Innes Review 'There is a wealth of data ... Charles-Edwards is an expert guide whom even the uninitiated might follow and chapters can be enjoyed selectively. This book is a model of source criticism and must now become a standard reference.' Church Archaeology '... closely argued, high quality research ... Charles-Edwards ... is able to lead his readers through quite complex territory without sacrificing clarity.' The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
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