Fluid Dynamics for Physicists

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August 1995



Comprehensive account of fluid dynamics, covering basic principles and advanced topics.


Preface; 1. A bird's-eye view; 2. The Euler fluid; 3. Gas dynamics; 4. Potential flow; 5. Surface waves; 6. Viscosity; 7. Vorticity; 8. Instabilities; 9. Turbulence; 10. Non-Newtonian fluids; Appendix: one-dimensional sound waves in gases.


'Faber's textbook fulfills a double need: to inform the student at a suitable level, and to allow the fascination of the visual phenomena of windmills and wind ruffled lakes to remain ... highly recommended.' A. D. Andrews, Irish Astronomical Journal 'Overall I enjoyed reading the book and found some of the novel approaches informative and insightful.' Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 'The author hopes his book will be read for pleasure. I believe it will be. It is very nicely presented and his alternative view point is a welcome addition to the other introductory books on the subject.' P. F. Linden, Journal of Fluid Mechanics '... Faber's book will serve as a welcome complement for the teaching of fluid mechanics at the undergraduate and beginning graduate level. The text book will also function as a convenient entry point to fluid dynamics for physicists that are new comers to the field.' Y. Couder, European Journal of Mechanics '... an attractive and readable book.' N. C. Freeman, Contemporary Physics
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