Oral Folk Traditions in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon

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Mai 2008



This book aims to present the power of the African American oral folk traditions. It shows how a simple folk song is able to embody past and present,family origins and cultural identity at the same time. In Song of Solomon Morrison calls the attention of the African American community to the fact that if they are unaware of their folk heritage they can never own a self-conscious identity. It has a paramount significance to know the past of the ancestors in the lives of both an individual and a whole community, too. This book follows Milkman's, the protagonist's, quest for self- and cultural identity. Morrison made a folk song adjusted to the plot of the novel that was used as a complement parallel to the development of Milkman's mature identity. The revival of the oral folk traditions makes the protagonist a self-conscious member of his community. In this book the reader can follow the development of Milkman's indentity parallel with the song, and can learn my final conclusion in broaden dimensions.


MA English Language, Literature and Linguistics.
I was educated at Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Piliscsaba, Hungary where I received an MA degree in 2005. Currently, I am a teacher. I teach English language.
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