The Fanciful Worlds of Gulliver on the Screen

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Januar 2014



The main purpose of this book is to show how much the film adaptations are trustworthy illustrations of Jonathan Swift's Gulliver Travels which originally was a political satire as well as a bitter analysis of human nature told in an eventful narrative. I would like to show the differences and similarities between the book Gulliver's Travels and the two movies 'The Three Worlds of Gulliver' and 'Gulliver's Travels'. Nowadays it is not suprising that most literary works have been adapted for film, television or theatre. Gulliver's Travels also has been adapted several times for the screen. Only two movies used live characters. I have always been interested in finding the differences and similarities between literature and movie. In the book I focused on that particular subject.


I was born in Hungary, Dunaújváros. My childhood I spent in Germany. In Hungary I went to college. I graduated as German teacher. I taught German at school. Love took me to Canada. In Canada I went to college and met this country. My husband and I came back home. I teach English now. I got everything: family, child, friends and work.
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