Diabetes Mellitus Manual

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November 2004



A practical and authoritative manual on treating the rising numbers of cases of diabetes mellitus. Based on the most respected comprehensive textbook in the field, "Ellenberg and Rifkin's Diabetes Mellitus," and written by a leading expert, this portable guide provides quick-access to on-the-spot information on diagnosis and treatment of this frequently-presented disease and its complications.


Chapter 1Classification of Diabetes MellitusChapter 2Mechanisms of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2Chapter 3Epidemiology of Diabetes MellitusChapter 4Basic Diagnostic Approach to Diabetes MellitusChapter 5Fundamentals of Pharmacological TherapyChapter 6Intensive Therapy of Type 1 DiabetesChapter 7Fundamentals of Nutritional TherapyChapter 8Management of Diabetic EmergenciesChapter 9Surgical and ICU Considerations in DiabetesChapter 10HypoglycemiaChapter 11HyperglycemiaChapter 12Infections in the Diabetic PatientChapter 13Diabetes in PregnancyChapter 14Diabetic NephropathyChapter 15Diabetic NeuropathyChapter 16Hypertension in the Diabetic PatientChapter 12Heart Disease in the Diabetic PatientChapter 17Atherosclerosis and Vascular ThrombosisChapter 18PVDChapter 19The Diabetic FootChapter 20Gastrointestinal Issues in DiabetesChapter 21Dermatologic Complications in DiabetesChapter 22Ocular and Ophthalmic ComplicationsChapter 23Exercise in Prevention and ManagementChapter 24Diabetes in the Elderly PatientChapter 25Diabetes in the ChildChapter 26Advanced Therapeutic ApproachesChapter 27Patient and Family Education in Diabetes ManagementChapter 28Drug Interactions and Patient Safety in Diabetes ManagementChapter 29Patient Monitoring and Indications for Referral in Diabetes MellitusChapter Template:
-Epidemiology and Prevalence
-Signs, Symptoms, and Physical Examination
-Laboratory Evaluation
-Differential Diagnosis


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