College Rodeo: From Show to Sport

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März 2004



Rodeo, t he sport of epic legends. Cowboys and cowgirls use brain and brawn to contend for prizes and placement, but more often than not, it is the restage of honorable competition that spurs them on. "College Rodeo covers the history of the sport on college campuses from the first organized contest in 1920 to the national championship of 2003. In the early years of the twentieth century, a growing number of kids from farms and ranches attended college, many choosing the land grant institutions that allowed them to prepare for agricultural careers back home. They brought with them a love for the skills, challenges. and competition they had known--a taste for rodeo. The first ever college rodeo was held in 1920 at the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, as Texas A&M was then known. It offered bronco busting, goat roping, saddle racing, polo, a greased pig contest, and country music. The rodeo was a fund-raising effort that grew enormously popular; by its third year, the rodeo at Texas A&M drew some fifteen hundred people. The idea spread to other campuses, and in 1939, the first intercollegiate rodeo with eleven colleges and universities competing was held at the ranch arena of an entrepreneur near Victorville, California. Since that time, college rodeo has thrived for eighty years. Sylvia Gann Mahoney now presents the first history of the sport, tracing its growth on campuses throughout the West parallel to that of professional rodeo, and the development of the organizational structure that today governs college rodeo. She draws on personal interviews as well as the archives of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and newspaper accounts from participating schools andtheir hometowns. Mahoney chronicles the events, profiles winners, highlights outstanding individuals, and analyzes the organizational efforts that have contributed to the colorful history of college rodeo. She traces the changing role of women and notes their victories whi


Sylvia Gann Mahoney is a former college rodeo coach and a founder of the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association Alumni. She lives in Vernon, Texas.

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