Cambridge Companion to Velazquez

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Mai 2002



Offers a synthetic overview of one of the greatest painters of Golden Age Spain.


1. Introduction: a brief history of Velazquez literature Suzanne L. Stratton-Pruit; 2. Becoming an artist in seventeenth-century Spain Zahira Veliz; 3. Velazquez and Italy Jonathan Brown; 4. Velazquez and the North Alexander Vergara; 5. 'Sacred and terrifying gazes': languages and images of power in Early Modern Spain Antonio Feros; 6. Court women in the Spain of Velazquez Magdalena S. Sanchez; 7. Spanish religious life in the age of Velazquez Sara T. Nalle; 8. Velazquez and two poets of the Baroque: Luis de Gongora and Francisco de Quevedo Lia Schwartz; 9. Calderon de la Barca, playwright at court Margaret R. Greer; 10. Three paintings, a double lyre, opera, and Eliche's Venus: Velazquez and music in the Royal Court in Madrid Louise K. Stein.


"The essays provide ... a touchstone for examining the directions in which scholarship on the artist is advancing and, equally important, pose new perspectives for relating the painter and his works to the art and culture of early modern Spain." Seventeenth Century News " any library on Hispanic art." CAA Reviews
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