Virginia Euwer Wolff: Capturing the Music of Young Voices

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September 2003



Young readers, teachers, and professionals in the field of young adult literature will find this survey and literary analysis of Virginia Euwer Wolff's books useful in their work and valuable as an aid to thoughtful reading. This text provides a literary and/or cultural context for each of Wolff's novels for young people, discusses the characters in terms of the plot and style, analyzes particularly literary elements as appropriate, and summarizes critical response. The point of each chapter is to attract readers and enrich their experience of each work.


Chapter 1 Acknowledgments Chapter 2 1 Virginia Euwer Wolff: Teacher, Writer, and Artist Chapter 3 2 Probably Still Nick Swansen: Living with a Different Mind Chapter 4 3 The Mozart Season: The Gifts of Music Chapter 5 4 Bat 6: Dealing with Racism Chapter 6 5 Make Lemonade: Learning Compassion Chapter 7 6 True Believer: Living with Faith Chapter 8 Bibliographer Chapter 9 Index Chapter 10 About the Author


Suzanne Elizabeth Reid is an assistant professor at Emory & Henry College in southwestern Virginia where she teaches courses in literature for children and young adults, Great Books, and teacher preparation. She is the author ofPresenting Cynthia Voigt andBook Bridges: Strategies for Teaching ESL with Children's and Young Adult Literature.


Although two critical studies of two different authors may be regarded, at first sight, as unlikely bedfellows to reside within one book review, Lois Stover's Jacqueline Woodson and Suzanne Reid's Virginia Euwer Wolff do fit together...each offers a sound biographical-critical author study characteristic of the Scarecrow Studies. Each draws reasonable conclusions about the relationship between writers' lives and the texts they write and each is passionate about her subject, a woman author who is highly regarded as a 'writer to read' in young adult literature...In each of these Scarecrow Studies in Young Literature, the authors meet the series expectations of demonstrating how a writer's life and attitudes influence the writer's craft and how the craft has evolved in each successive novel. Jacqueline Woodson and Virginia Euwer Wolff have each produced a body of work that is distinctive in its contribution to literature written for young adults. Children's Literature Association Quarterly This title is not only a useful tool for educators but also an outstanding example for students of how a writer such as Reid can examine and tie together the multitude of threads that are woven throughout a single author's entire body of work. VOYA
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