EU Power Examined

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August 2014



Revision with unchanged content. Within the community of scholars that accepted the existence of a European foreign policy, the lack of military means was long seen as central to the argument about the civilian nature of EC/EU power. With 1) the signature of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 that rendered possible the eventual framing of a common defence policy by establishing the Common Foreign and Security policy and more importantly 2) the Joint Declaration on European Defence at the Anglo-French Summit at Saint Malo in 1998, this argument crumbled. Consequently, debates on more than just the nature of European foreign policy came back to the fore. Additionally, emotional discussions on the necessity of and the reasons for European militarisation broke out and gradually intensified with the launch of Althea, Artemis, and Concordia - the EU's first ever military operations. Combining both debates, this book ana­lyses the reasons for the EU to launch its first military operations and thus their instigation as an intrinsic/instrumental case study in order to draw theoretical conclusions about the nature of European foreign policy. Given that the EU's unique character interdicts an investigation of this topic within a traditional foreign policy analysis framework, this book introduces an adequate analytical, conceptual, and theoretical framework.


The author, born in 1981, holds a BA and MA in European Studies from the University of Osnabrück/Germany and a MA in International Politics and Security Studies from the University of Bradford/UK. She is working as a research assistant with the chair in International and European Politics at the University of Osnabrück/Germany.
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