Democracy in Latin America: Visions and Realities

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Januar 1990



A collection of articles that evaluate different models of democracy. The book discusses topics such as whether Washington's "model democracies" are truly democratic, and how Guatemala's civilian regime compares to Nicaragua's revolutionary democracy.


The dictatorship and its aftermath - the secret wounds, Eduardo Galeano; the construction of democracy in Nicaragua, Susanne Jonas and Nancy Stein; the origins of crisis and instability in Central America, Edelberto Torres-Rivas; contradictions of Guatemala's "Political Opening", Susanne Jonas; the redemocratization process, James Petras; foreign dept, the threat of foreign intervention and democracy in Latin America, Pablo Gonzalez Casanova; the unpayable debt - an interview with Fidel Castro, Regino Diaz; 26 years of Cuban revolutionary politics - an appraisal, Max Azicri; Haiti - a complex situation and an unknown struggle, Gerard Pierre-Charles; economic crisis and dependency - the case of the Dominican Republic, Jose A. Moreno.
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