An Anthology of Interracial Literature: Black-White Contacts in the Old World and the New

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This anthology explores the literary theme of black-white encounters, of love and family stories, that cross - or are crossed by - what came to be considered racial boundaries.


"Thanks again to Werner Sollors for oxygenating our thoughts on race and identity, and their relationship to that holy dunce, the literary imagination. Intelligently multicultural, this compendium provokes and entertains even as it exposes still-live nerves. Sollors' scholarship is erudite but relevant; his choices speak with tactful passion about matters which touch us all." --Gish Jen, author of Mona in the Promised Land "Many startling textual artifacts included." --The New York Times "The first in English devoted to work that Mr. Sollors says has typically been overlooked, an orphan literature belonging to no clear ethnic or national tradition." --New York Times "The scope of this collection is impressive. The introduction is invaluable, providing much-needed context. The volume's topic and scope make it a valuable resource." --Choice "No one has done more important work to place interracial association at the center of American culture than Werner Sollors. This extraordinarily rich anthology is an excellent addition to the study of this fascinating subject." --Randall Kennedy, author of Interracial Intimacies: Sex, Marriage, Identity & Adoption "Werner Sollors's dazzling collection will enrich our understanding of constructions of race and identity in fresh and provocative ways and will intrigue anyone who cares about literature." --Shelley Fisher Fishkin, Stanford University "An essential book for those contending with race and literature. With this collection it is clear that race is a category that has been marked both as a boundary that cannot be crossed and as a separation that is constantly breached. A necessary and crucial contribution." --Gerald Early, Washington University in St. Louis "Recommended for academic libraries and for any reader working around the race rubric" --Library Journal
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