The Teatro Solis: 150 Years of Opera, Concert and Ballet in Montevideo

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Juli 2003



The first comprehensive history of the oldest major opera house in the Americas.


Susana Salgado is a consultant to the Library of Congress for Iberian and Latin American music. Prior to leaving Uruguay, she was Research Professor and Chair of Uruguayan Music in the Department of Musicology at the University of Uruguay in Montevideo. Author of several books, she contributed to scholarly publications, including five Grove dictionaries (Opera, Music 1980/2001, Women Composers, and American Composers). E. Thomas Glasow is the editor of Opera Quarterly. Julio Maria Sanguinetti is the former President of Uruguay.


"This is a reference book that can be read cover to cover, and as such, is a rarity. Its style is flowing, easily accessible, and entertaining. Without any doubt this is a pioneering work that researchers will find indispensable." - Andrew Farkas, author of Enrico Caruso: My Father and My Family (with Enrico Caruso, Jr.); "I consider this book as filling a very badly needed gap in our knowledge of history and music, not only in Montevideo, but in all of South America." - Tom Kaufman, author of Annals of Italian Opera
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