Marc Bloch, Sociology and Geography: Encountering Changing Disciplines

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September 2004



The French historian Marc Bloch has often been praised for his interdisciplinary approach. This book demonstrates the importance of both Vidalian geography and Durkheimian sociology for Bloch and the significant, but often overlooked, differences between his approach and theirs. In contrast to much other work on Bloch, Professor Friedman highlights the intellectual and institutional contexts of Bloch's works, arguing that only by a careful examination of the debates in which he was involved can one begin to come to terms with the nature of his contribution.


List of tables; Acknowledgments; A note on translation; List of abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Marc Bloch and the 'Universite'; Part I. Sociology, Geography and History during Marc Bloch's Years of Apprenticeship: 2. Marc Bloch's training as a normalien; 3. History under attack; 4. The quest for identity in Vidalian geography; 5. From the Fondation Thiers to the doctorate: Marc Bloch's emerging perspective; Part II. Marc Bloch as a Critic and Practitioner of Sociology and Geography: 6. The University of Strasbourg as a center of disciplinary change; 7. Kings, serfs and the sociological method; 8. Reflections on the geographical approach and on the agrarian regime; 9. An expanding view: Marc Bloch's later projects; 10. Towards a reworking of the historiography of Marc Bloch; Notes; Index of names; Subject index.


"Apart from being a meticulous investigation of the scholarly development of Bloch's ideas, the book also provides insights into the influential groups of scholars, the Annales school, as well as French intellectual life in general. Friedman's treatment of the profound importance of the University of Strassbourg in terms of French patriotism as well as scholarship is another bonus. Well indexed and referenced; footnotes transcend mere citations and should be read carefully for their illuminating forays into ideas rendered in the text." Choice
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