The Retreat of the State: The Diffusion of Power in the World Economy

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Who is really in charge of the world economy? Not only governments, argues Susan Strange in The Retreat of the State. Big businesses, drug barons, insurers, accountants and international bureaucrats all encroach on the so-called sovereignty of the state. Professor Strange examines the implications of this rivalry and points to some new directions for research in international relations, international business and economics.


Part I. Theoretical Foundations: 1. The declining authority of the state; 2. Patterns of power; 3. The limits of politics; 4. Politics and production; 5. The state of the state; Part II. Some Empirical Evidence: 6. Authority beyond the state; 7. Telecoms - the control of communication; 8. Organised crime - the Mafias; 9. Insurance business - the risk managers; 10. The Big Six accountants; 11. Cartels and private protectionism; 12. International organisations - the econocrats; Part III. Conclusions: 13. Pinocchio's problem and other conclusions.


'Susan Strange's latest work, The Retreat of the State, goes a long way to breaking the bounds of traditional analyses of the international political economy. Instead of concentrating on well-covered ground involving trade relations and balances between states ... the book takes a much broader look at the functions of the world economy and the diffusion of authority within it to legitimately perform those functions.' The Review of Politics
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