Women in Mark's Gospel

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Oktober 2004



This" is a timely topic, one that has not yet been dealt with. Miller writes clearly and competently. The first chapter sets out her method, which draws from both literary critical and feminist work. She then treats the women of Marks Gospel in sequence. Her work will provide a helpful supplement to the standard commentaries. It will also be useful in womens studies classes, and provides a nice example of a balanced feminist interpretation of the Gospels. Dr. Alan Culpepper, Mercer University, Atlanta.


Dr.Susan Miller teaches New Testament at the University of Glasgow.


"The strengths of Miller's study are numerous. Firstly she focuses on all the female characters in Mark, and not only those who are portrayed positively. Secondly she engages feminist scholars such as Amy-Jill Levine in an informed and independent manner. Thirdly she succeeds in connecting the inclusion of women in the ministry of Jesus, with the apocalyptic message of Mark. I found Susan Miller's study to be a highly original and stimulating anaylsis... it is clear that her study has made a meaningful contribution, not only to feminist studies of Mark, but also to Markan studies in general." Marius Nel, University of Pretoria --Sanford Lakoff
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