Poultry Science, Chicken Culture: A Partial Alphabet

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Poultry Science, Chicken Culture is a collection of engrossing, witty, and thought-provoking essays about the chicken-the familiar domestic bird that has played an intimate part in our cultural, scientific, social, economic, legal, and medical practices and concerns since ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Organized as a primer, the book reaches beyond narrow disciplines to discover why individuals are so fascinated with the humble, funny, overlooked, and omnipresent chicken. A combination of personal passion and surprising scholarly information, it will change forever the way you think about chickens.


SUSAN M. SQUIER is the Julia Gregg Brill Professor of Women's Studies and English at Penn State University and author of eight books, including "Babies in Bottles: Twentieth-Century Visions of Reproductive Technology" (Rutgers University Press), "Liminal Lives: Imagining the Human at the Frontiers of Biomedicine," and "Virginia Woolf and London: The Sexual Politics of the City." Her research takes her from her own backyard where she raises chickens to scholarly trips throughout the United States and Europe.
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