A Study of Book Club Members Reading Multicultural Literature

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Januar 2010



This quasi-experimental, quantitative study examined The attitudes and actions of book club members after reading and discussing a multicultural book, The Namesake (Lahiri, 2003). The specific focus of this study was to determine the significant differences in attitudes and actions concerning race and ethnicity. A diversity survey was used to gather Information from 11 book clubs. The Survey was analyzed through a dependent t test for six research hypotheses. Results of the study indicated statistically significant changes in book club members' attitudes concerning multicultural issues after they had read and discussed The Namesake. Moreover, there were statistically significant changes in attitudes concerning issues of race. However, there were not significant changes in actions concerning racial and ethnic issues.


Susan U. Huber, PhD: Studied Literacy with a focus on Multiculturalism at the University of Akron, Ohio.
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