Hijacking America: How the Religious and Secular Right Changed What Americans Think

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August 2008



George Bush leaves the White House in January 2009 and the United States goes back to "normal", right? Wrong, argues Susan George in this fascinating, thorough and often chilling account of the decades-long transformation of American society and political culture. Using the four "Ms" - money, media, marketing, management--but above all with a keen sense of mission, the American secular and religious right has made its "long march through the institutions" and changed the way Americans think. As the left went about its business in blissful ignorance, convinced that its policies, programmes and projects spoke for themselves and would always prevail; the right's well-oiled machine of foundations, lobbies, think-tanks, publications, political cadres, lawyers and activist organisations slowly and strategically took over. A broad alliance of neo-liberals, neo-conservatives and the religious right successfully manufactured a new common sense, assaulted Enlightenment values and targeted the top of society where culture is created and legitimised, because they knew that ideas have consequences--and not just in the United States. Hijacking America is that rarity of a book, a thoroughly researched page-turner. Clearly and gracefully written, it will enthral the general reader while providing plenty of factual nourishment for the student of politics, culture, religion or international relations. And for all those who hope for a different America in the future, the first step is to hold the present one up to the light and understand how it got that way.


* Contents
* Introduction
* Culture in Chains: How the Secular and Religious Right Captured America
* Chapter 1
* Manufacturing Common Sense or Cultural Hegemony for Beginners
* Chapter 2
* Foreign Affairs
* Chapter 3
* The American Religious Right and Its Long March through the Institutions
* Chapter 4
* Extinguishing the Enlightenment: The Assault on Knowledge
* Chapter 5
* Lobbies, Corridors and Seats of Power
* Conclusion
* Why Undertake This Book?
* Bibliography


Susan George


"The forces that have been 'hijacking America,' lucidly exposed in this well-informed and searching study, are doubtless powerful as well as ominous. Their influence is not confined to the United States. Unless they are contained and reversed, prospects are not bright for a decent and civilized world." Noam Chomsky "A powerful, shocking and extremely important book. In a gripping investigation, Susan George uncovers the central problem with the US state and shows us how to confront it." George Monbiot "Susan George has sounded a timely warning: the US intends to brook no rivals." Tribune "Noteworthy in Obama's campaign was his appearance before the AIPAC conventionand his subsequent silence on the invasion of the Gaza Strip. George's call forthe organisation of the US left remains pertinent." Development in Practice
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