Archaeologies of the Greek Past: Landscape, Monuments, and Memories

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August 2002



This 2002 book explores social memory in the ancient Greek world using the evidence of landscapes and monuments.


1. Archaeologies of memory; 2. Old Greece within the Empire; 3. Cretan inventions; 4. Being Messenian; 5. Three short stories about Greek memory.


Susan E. Alcock is Associate Professor of Classical Archaeology and Classics at the University of Michigan. She is the author of Graecia Capta (Cambridge University Press, 1993).


'... the book is never dull.' Minerva 'The possibility of exploring interpretations of the past within the past is an exciting one, and Alcock's book provides a welcome call for more intensive exploration of this theme within Greek archaeology, a field in which (with a few notable exceptions) its potential has not been sufficiently realised ... Overall, this volume, written in an engaging and accessible style, constitutes an inspiring introduction to an intriguing subject.' The Anglo-Hellenic Review '... pioneering and fascinating study.' Journal of Hellenic Studies 'Alcock offers an insightful study of that dynamic relationship between monument and landscape and encourages students of antiquity to recontextualise the archaeological evidence of the past in the past. All historians, not just landscape historians, should read this book.' Landscape History
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