Primate and Human Evolution

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Primate and Human Evolution provides a broad synthetic perspective on widely divergent fields within evolutionary anthropology. It integrates the evidence of non-human primate paleontology, anatomy and behavior with the evidence from human paleontology and Palaeolithic archaeology, and using comparative evidence from animal behavior, it addresses the origins of tool behavior, intelligence and complex sociality in early humans. Written for upper level students and researchers, this will be a must for all those interested in the evolution of all primates, including ourselves.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. A brief history of primatology and human evolution; 3. The catarrhine fossil record; 4. Primate speciation and exstinction; 5. Anatomical primatology; 6. Captive studies of non-human primates; 7. What can non-human primate anatomy, physiology, and development reveal about human evolution?; 8. Natural history intelligence and human evolution; 9. Why be social? - the advantages and disadvantages of social life; 10. Evolution and behaviour; 11. The implications of body size for evolutionary ecology; 12. The nature of the fossil record; 13. The bipedal breakthrough; 14. The hominid radiation; 15. Modelling human evolution; 16. Archaeological evidence and models of human evolution; 17. What does evolutionary anthropology reveal about human evolution?; 18. Final thoughts on primate and human evolution.


Susan Cachel is Associate Professor of Physical Anthropology at Rutgers University. She is a member of the Rutgers Center for Human Evolutionary Studies, and is an instructor and researcher at the Koobi Fora Field School in Kenya.


'The range and breadth of topics covered in this lengthy book are undeniably impressive, and Cachel certainly dares to be different. There are forays into artificial intelligence, speciation, primates as models (and non-models), neuroanatomy, the origins of sociality, the evolutionary implications of body size, the possible impact of diet on sexual dimorphism, taphonomy, bipedalism, Hox genes, tool use, technology, ... the list goes on. And all interspersed with condensed histories of primatology and palaeoanthropology. ... wide-ranging and thought-provoking ...' PaleoAnthropology 'Primate and Human Evolution contains great food for thought, but great thought is only the first and easiest step toward great science. As many of our eager undergraduate majors enter anthropology as unintentional chimpocentrics because of their exposure to primatology in media and popular culture, Primate and Human Evolution will help students take that first step.' International Journal of Primatology ' ... a provocative, refreshingly nonconfrontational, structured set of musings on hominin evolution ...' American Journal of Physical Anthropology
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