The Khat Controversy

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List of Figures, Tables Maps Preface Acknowledgements Introduction
1. Going Global: The Khat Controversy Khat and its effects Mogadiscio to Minneapolis Trust technology
Part I Khat in the Horn
2. Devil's Cud or Farmers' Boon? Diversifying in the dollar leaf Ethiopia's khat farmers Foreign exchange, taxation the khat economy
3. Trading the Dollar Leaf Ethiopia's khat markets The export trade
4. Consuming Habits along the Red Sea Littoral The Ethiopian heartlands Urban Djibouti Somaliland
Part II Khat in East Africa
5. Made in Meru: A Market History Traditions colonial controls Co-operatives exports Khat wars a global brand
6. Kenya's Khat Trade Nyambene beyond Reaching the consumer Campaigning against khat
7. On the Khat Frontier: Uganda Uganda's 'new' producers Hidden retailing Surveying consumption
Part III Khat in the Diaspora
8. The Ambivalent Amphetamine Strains and tensions A Mafrish in the neighbourhood
9. Transnational Debates International trade Khat and crime The social issues
10. The Politics of Khat Control The khat control lobby Khat in Canadian The Swedish story Conclusion
11. Prohibition? Khat and the Drugs Debate Appendix A: List of Informants Bibliography Index


David Anderson is Lecturer in African Studies, University of Oxford and Research Fellow, St Antony's College, Oxford. Susan Beckerleg is an International Consultant and specializes on the social aspects of illicit substance use. Degol Hailu is a research academic at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. He is currently on leave from SOAS and works for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as policy advisor for the Caribbean region. Axel Klein is Lecturer in Addictive Studies at the Kent Institute of Medicine and Health Studies, University of Kent.
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