Free Agents: People and Organizations Creating a New Working Community

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Februar 1997



Your roadmap for the new world of work Today's deluge of organizational change needn't leave employer and employee at odds. Free Agents presents a win-win scenario for both. Here, individuals learn how to take charge of their lives and careers, to separate themselves from their jobs and redefine themselves in terms of the new marketplace. Organizations discover a process for aligning the needs of these empowered professionals with the needs of the organization. It helps them to improve their competitive advantage, create and sustain a Free Agent community, and establish an environment where everyone is committed to excellence. An upbeat alternative to marketplace malaise.


Preface; Acknowledgements; The Authors; 1. Responding to Change; Part One: Becoming a Free Agent; 2. The Free Agent Process: Creating a New Future; 3. Separating: Drawing the Final Curtain; 4. Redefining: Moving Beyond Comfort; 5. Positioning: Staking Your Claim; Part Two: Becoming a Free Agent Community; 6. The Need for Corporate Change: Sailing into Uncharted Waters; 7. Corporate Separating: Embracing the New; 8. Redefining the Corporate Infrastructure; 9. Corporate Positioning; Part Three: Sustaining Free Agents and a Free Agent Community; 10. Living the Free Agent Life; 11. Maintaining a Free Agent Community; 12. Free Agent Communities in Action; References; For Further Information; Index.


SUSAN B. GOULD lives in Portola Valley, California. KERRY J. WEINER lives in San Francisco, California. BARBARA R. LEVIN lives in Portola Valley, California.
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