Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy

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Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy is a wide-ranging review of modern spectroscopic techniques such as X-ray, photoelectron, optical and laser spectroscopy, and radiofrequency and microwave techniques. On the fundamental side it focuses on physical principles and the impact of spectroscopy on our understanding of the building blocks of matter, whilein the area of applications particular attention is given to those in chemical analysis, photochemistry, surface characterisation, environmental and medical diagnostics, remote sensing and astrophyscis. This edition also provides the reader with an update on laser cooling and trapping, Bose-Einstein condensation, ultra-fast spectroscopy, high-power laser/matter interaction, satellite-based astronomy and spectroscopic aspects of laser medicine. Important references are also brought up to date.


1. Introduction.- 2. Atomic Structure.- 3. Molecular Structure.- 4. Radiation and Scattering Processes.- 5. Spectroscopy of Inner Electrons.- 6. Optical Spectroscopy.- 7. Radio-Frequency Spectroscopy.- 8. Lasers.- 9. Laser Spectroscopy.- 10. Laser-Spectroscopic Applications.- Questions and Exercises.- References.



Sune Svanberg is a professor of physics and head of the Atomic Physics Division of the Lund Institute of Technology. He is also the director of the multi-disciplinary Lund Laser Centre at the Lund University. He has extensive research experience in radiofrequency, optical and laser spectroscopy, and in the use of lasers in combustion diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and medical diagnostics and treatment, and is thus in good position to cover the vast scope of the book. Sune Svanberg has coauthored almost 500 papers and trained a large number or undergraduates and graduates in basic and applied atomic and molecular spectroscopy. He served extensively in international organisations and scientific advisory committees. He is a member of five academies and holds three honorary doctor degrees.


From the reviews of the fourth edition:
"The strength of Svanberg's book is in its focus on practical spectroscopy, preferring to illustrate a catalogue of techniques by showcasing real experiments from the literature with detailed descriptions of each backed by appropriate figures and providing the reader with a wealth of references ... to key papers rather than concentrating on heavy mathematical detail. ... continues to be one of a small number of leading texts on the illustration on the practice of A & M spectroscopy." (Dr. J.T. Costello, Contemporary Physics, Vol. 46 (1), 2005)
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