Dynamic and Realtime Rescheduling Models

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Mai 2010



Dynamic and real time control of an emergency arising from railway operations, different ways of modeling and solving that in a computationally effective manner to address real life implementation issues are analyzed. In railway operations, substantial investment is done in planning a conflict free operable schedule with diverse performance objectives. Still when a minor disruption pronounces just-in time and location, there is minimum lead time for plan recovery. A few novel rescheduling decisions are formulated, compared in quantitative measures, and analysed using an aggregate model as a set of constraints and objectives to be solved by (i) a mathematical programming solver, (ii) constructive heuristics and (iii) agent based methodology. Readers can expect some valuable insights about emergency management of scheduling in railways, and possibly some of them could be applied in other transport systems as well. Exposure to Optimization theory and computational advances shall be required to appreciate technical content of the text. Sound knowledge of scheduling and in particular of railways or other transportation modes is a definite requisite.


Prof Sundaravalli Narayanaswami holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. She actively researches in OR and AI, particularly in transportation and revenue modeling. She is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and teaches at the Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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