Root Biomodification with Doxycycline Hydrochloride

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Dezember 2011



Root biomodification is a treatment procedure employed for periodontal regeneration that uses acid substances or chelating agents to remove the smear layer and expose root collagen fibers. Such treatment enlarges dentinal tubules into which healing connective tissue can enter. Various agents have been employed in the past to achieve suitable results. Through this book, the author wants to draw the attention of both dental clinicians as well as patients towards the therapeutic potential of Doxycycline HCl in root biomodification. Doxycycline is believed to enhance maturation and differentiation of osteoblasts. So, its use can prolong the survival of the teeth by enhancing periodontal regeneration in addition to its beneficial effect as an adjunctive therapy to mechanical debridement in the treatment of periodontal disease.


The author has done his B.D.S. and M.D.S.(Periodontology & Oral Implantology) from BFUHS, Faridkot, India. He has many scientific presentations and publications to his credit, both at national and international levels. Presently, he is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Periodontics, GNDDC, Sunam, India.
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