Between Revolution and State: The Path to Fatimid Statehood: Qadi Al-NU'Man and the Construction of Fatimid Legitimacy

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Mai 2006



This book examines the most important writings of a tenth century Islamic theologian and jurist who was one of the most original thinkers of his period. It argues that Qadi al-Nu'man's works constituted new and vital genres in Ismaili Shi'i literature, an emergence necessitated by the Fatimids' transition from revolutionary movement to statehood, and by their desire to establish their authority as a Shi'i alternative to the Sunni Abbasid caliphate. Al-Nu'man, already famous in the Fatimid era, produced a legacy which consists of a school of law, historical and biographical works, new interpretations of Ismaili doctrine, and the formulation of a ceremonial language achieved through his work on court protocol.


Sumaiya A Hamdani received her PhD in Islamic history from Princeton University, specialising in the medieval Islam and the Fatimid caliphate. She is Associate Professor in the History and Art History Department of George Mason University, Virginia.

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