Cuba Represent!: Cuban Arts, State Power, and the Making of New Revolutionary Cultures

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Oktober 2006



Uses narratives of artists and ordinary Cubans to analyze governance and the politics of artistic production in contemporary Cuba, assessing why critical and vibrant public spaces have flourished under a one-party system.


Sujatha Fernandes is Assistant Professor of Sociology at Queens College, City University of New York.


"Sujatha Fernandes presents an excellent overview of expressive culture in revolutionary Cuba of the 1990s and beyond, offering provocative insights into the uses of art as a form of political protest and of individual expression. Her focus on various media (music, film, visual art) and her detailed ethnographic work allow her to document how topics such as gender, race, and politics surface constantly in Cuban art. Fernandes has demonstrated beyond any doubt the importance of culture as a space for progressive social discourse."--Robin D. Moore, author of Music and Revolution: Cultural Change in Socialist Cuba "A provocative look into Cuba's cultural production. Those who want to understand how the Cuban government managed to negotiate the crisis of the 1990s should read this book."--Alejandro de la Fuente, author of A Nation for All: Race, Inequality, and Politics in Twentieth-Century Cuba "As a work that comes out of the discipline of political science, Cuba Represent! is extremely brave and original. Sujatha Fernandes manages to offer a language that is truly interdisciplinary, moving successfully across the boundaries of the social sciences and the humanities."--Ruth Behar, author of Translated Woman: Crossing the Border with Esperanza's Story
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