Buffer Zone Resources, Livelihood and Conservation

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November 2010



The concept of Buffer Zone (BZ) focuses on the relationship between protected areas and human needs and stresses on the relevance of integrating protected areas with major development issues. The concept is being implemented in both developed and developing countries. However, in some developing countries due to poverty and high population growth rate, protection laws have caused park-people conflict. To overcome this, it is peremptory to carryout a research addressing the concerned authority and provide them with an overview of social and biological status of the VDCs abutting the national park. This book, which is based on a research study conducted in Nepal, gives an insight about the linkage between ecology, economy and social realities. It contributes invaluable information regarding how social and bio-physical context shape the viability of effective management. This book will be especially useful to economists, government authorities, policy makers and analysts, researchers, program and project implementers, social workers and administrators.


Master of Environmental Science with specialization in Mountain Environment (Tribhuvan University, Nepal). Having worked as an Intern in WWF-Nepal and as an Environmental Advisor in a NGO, he has scads of experiences regarding energy and climate change. Currently, he is working as a Research Assistant in Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.
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Untertitel: A study on two adjoining VDCs of Shivapuri National Park, Nepal. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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