Anglo-American Securities Regulation: Cultural and Political Roots, 1690 1860

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Oktober 2003



A history of the law governing the earliest stock markets in England and the United States.


Introduction; 1. English attitudes toward securities regulation at its inception, 1690-1720; 2. The South Sea bubble and English law, 1720-1722; 3. English securities regulation in the eighteenth century; 4. The development of American attitudes toward securities trading, 1720-1792; 5. American securities regulation, 1789-1800; 6. American attitudes toward securities trading, 1792-1860; 7. American securities regulation, 1800-1860; 8. Self-regulation by the New York brokers, 1791-1860; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


'... a very readable book, with much detail to enjoy ... it weaves together literary evidence, parliamentary and print debates, as well as case law to make a rounded history of its subject that makes sense to the doctrinal historian, while putting it in a broader context'. English Historical Review 'Stuart Banner's Anglo-American Securities Regulation: Cultural and Political Roots, 1690-1860 convincingly demonstrates that, from the beginning, government was both internal and external to the securities exchanges.' International Finance
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