The Springs of Liberty: The Satiric Tradition and Freedom of Speech

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The Springs of Liberty takes up questions of literary history and theory even as it explores sources of power harnessed by modern political doctrines and the journalism that conveys them to the public. These forces of opinion are traced to a tradition deeper and older than either: satire. In that tradition -- its power, diversity, and license -- the author locates the spirit of free speech.Considering satire not as a genre but a potential available to different genres, The Springs of Liberty follows two satiric lines through English literature: a line critical of journalism that includes Addison, Austen, and Trollope and one less mannerly, running from Swift through Dickens to Joyce and Orwell, that explodes the kind of stock formulas of which so much journalism is made. Discussed too is the exploitation of the power of satire in political doctrine.This volume follows The Psychological Mystique, also published by Northwestern University Press. The Springs of Liberty concentrates on a tradition that searches the mind and its delusions with a minimum of medical pretense and with skepticism toward jargon. Many of the authors featured in the former volume reappear here -- Swift, for one, as an explorer of modern brains; Orwell as a modernist whose return to the springs of liberty took him at last to Menippean satire.


Chaucer and the rehearsal of voices; Addison - satire and civility; Swift - the priority of satire; interlude - satire and modern political argument; the addisonian line - Jane Austen; Dickens and satiric excess - "Little Dorrit"; Trollope and the moderation of satire; "Ulysses" - the art of surfeit; Orwell - the return to origins afterword.
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