Voice Over IP Crash Course

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Juli 2005



Recent advances in VoIP (Voice over IP) technology have made it the solution of choice for voice service because of its low cost and increased reliability. Voice Over IP Crash Course offers practical technology coverage, while discussing the business, strategic and competitive implications of VoIP deployment in corporations. The book also covers the challenges faced by service providers as they evolve to an IP infrastructure while continuing to operate the PSTN.


Part I: Introduction
Chapter 1: The PSTN
Chapter 2: The Challenge of QoS.
Chapter 3: Enterprise Service Models
Chapter 4: Voice Digitization Techniques
Chapter 5: The So-Called "Legacy PSTN."
Part II: Evolution
Chapter 6: The Evolution to VoIP
Chapter 7: The Economic Promise of Converged Network Architectures
Chapter 8: High-level Issues and Trends
Chapter 9: Changes in the Enterprise Model that Make VoIP Desirable
Chapter 10: IP and Wireless
Part III: IP Protocols
Chapter 11: Overview of TCP/IP and Related Protocols
Chapter 12: Switching vs. Routing and Layer 2/Layer 3 Conundrum
Chapter 13: VoIP Standards
Part IV: VoIP Networks
Chapter 14: IP Protocols vs. PSTN
Chapter 15: Network Components
Chapter 16: Interworking between SS7 and IP-based ProtocolsAppendix A: VoIP Products and Manufacturer Strategies for Success. GlossaryResources


Steven Shepard (Williston, VT) is a professional writer and educator specializing in international telecommunications. He has written and taught technical courses on a broad range of topics around the globe. He is the author of several books, including Telecommunications Convergence and Optical Networking Demystified.
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